Orbofi x SWAGGA Weekly AI Contest: Strut into the Metaverse!

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2 min readOct 5, 2023

We’re thrilled to launch the Orbofi Weekly AI Contest, in alliance with SWAGGA, the cutting-edge phygital fashion metaverse that’s weaving the glam of the runway with digital dazzle. This is your runway to craft a chic world that breaks the mold. It’s time for all fashion aficionados and creators to dive into the stylish expanse of SWAGGA, where fashion meets imagination.

Theme: “SWAGGA Fashion Show”

Event Timeline:

Submissions: 48 hours from now

Voting Period: Begins 48 hours after the end of submissions

Results: Revealed 24 hours post-voting

A Vogue of Prizes Awaits:

Prize Pool: $500 in USDT + Rewards from SWAGGA

1st — $150 + SWAGGA Voucher

2nd — $120 + SWAGGA Voucher

3rd — $90 + SWAGGA Voucher

4th — $60 + ONIMARU LOOT NFT Free Mint

5th — $30 + ONIMARU LOOT NFT Free Mint

6th-10th — $10 + ONIMARU LOOT NFT Free Mint

SWAGGA Voucher can be redeemed for wearable and item NFTs that will be used in SWAGGA meta.

ONIMARU Loot is a collection of unique 2D visual art PFPs, which can be staked in the staking program of SWAGGA.io to get rewards.

The Selection Journey:

Top 15: Assets with the highest number of reactions will be shortlisted.

Top 10: Our jury will sift through the top 10 from this exquisite batch, honing in on creativity and uniqueness.

The top 10 creators who conjure the most stunning renditions of “SWAGGA Fashion Show” and tokenize them as NFTs will earn the title of metaverse trendsetters.

Remember, each creator has a single shot at claiming a spot in the top 10.

Embark on Your Creation Odyssey:

You have a span of 48 hours to create the most captivating assets inspired by SWAGGA’s bold and fashionable universe using the Orbofi Theory Factory. Share your masterpiece on Twitter and our Discord channel at #ai-images-sharing with the tags #OrbofiAI #WeeklyOrbofi #SWAGGA #ONIMARU

Following a 48-hour submission window, voting kicks off and lasts for another 48 hours. Only reactions with the highest count will be recognized as legitimate votes. Votes are valid only on Discord.

1 React — 1 Vote!

Craft your design at: https://www.orbofi.com/FactoryView?uid=orbofi-theory

Are you ready to strut your stuff? Step into SWAGGA!



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