Orbofi launches an official World Cup 2022 metaverse, setting up a new milestone for sports and the metaverse


The Soccer World cup 2022 is upon us with all of its excitement, and every 4 years, it is a testament to the love that people around the world have for sports and is a testament to the global union that sports create.

As we’re entering a new digital era that better galvanizes people from every corner of the world, and which creates immersive experiences that we could have never imagined before, the metaverse is not upon us, it is here already, and the World cup just entered it.

Orbofi is thrilled to announce that the team has created an official world cup 2022 metaverse experience, in collaboration with Qatar Digital Twin, that is supported by the Qatar royal family.

this is a major milestone for sports and the metaverse, as it is the first time that the world cup is being gamified into a Web3 metaverse environment, to celebrate this global event, and to gamify the experience to a certain extent.

What is the World cup metaverse about?

The World cup metaverse on Orbofi is a place that replicates a futuristic Qatar, and is a big city that you can explore, with some mini-games to complete, items to collect, and rewards to earn.

The World cup metaverse experience on Orbofi is also a space where you can meet people from all over the world, connect with them in real-time, chat via text, audio, or video, and explore the world cup city together.

World cup Content and a lot of soccer memes, are a primary enjoyment of this experience, and you will be able to see all kinds of different world cup visuals, and experience how memes in the metaverse look like

How to join

  1. enter: https://worldcup.orbofi.com/
  2. Get your avatar at https://orbofi.readyplayer.me/
  3. Explore, play, meet, and enjoy

The World cup metaverse experience is accessible via a browser, ( not on mobile yet)

Learn about Orbofi, and join our community

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