Introducing Orbofi: The world’s first social metaverse crossed with social tokens.

Intro and Vision

Imagine if every Discord server or every Subreddit had its own virtual world and its own currency, where people, communities, and DAOs would own and monetize everything, from their land, their data, their reputation, their own economies, and their own immersive worlds — This is what Orbofi is all about, and this is what Orbofi is building.

It is a massive challenge and responsibility to build a full-blown blockchain-based, modular, community-owned social Metaverse. It is a bold task to try to build to the holy grail of social networks and metaverse platforms, and we have been up for the challenge.

we have taken the concept of the Metaverse further.

Expand your mind, and build the world you want to live in — this is our motto.

What is Orbofi?

Orbofi is the world’s first multi-chain social metaverse crossed with social tokens, where individuals, communities, DAOs, brands, and Orgs can build their own ( open or token-gated) virtual worlds and their own social tokens, that they collectively own and monetize as they wish.

Orbofi has built a proprietary modular system for real-time collective metaverse building with peers in the same virtual world, via a drag and drop mechanism that empowers people to place full-blown social hubs in one drop.

Orbofi has built the virtual environment and the Land for you to create and place any kind of social environment and provides you the tools to communicate via text, voice, and video chat with your friends, customers, and peers.

Real-time collective Metaverse building

One of the problems we have solved is the complexity of building a virtual environment and inviting people to partake in it. We have made it extremely easy for non-creators non-coders to place full-blown scenes in their lands, in one drop. We have re-imagined what an inventory means in a social metaverse

You can place your own virtual store/mall, your own office building, your own concert scene and entertainment district, your virtual school, your own gamified experience, and in a nutshell, literally anything you would want and any kind of social use cases, by leveraging the power of The Orofi NFTs — interior-ready, AR/VR -enabled 3D models and 3D scenes that represent your social hubs.

if you’re a creator and 3D designer, you can create your own, upload them, mint them as NFTs, sell them, or use them in your own land.

An expanding, community-owned, Open virtual Land

The Land of the Orbofi social metaverse will take 10 years to fully unlock, the only for it to expand, is by having people and communities build it.

Chapter 1 will unlock 5% of the land and will be hosting prominent social hubs and districts

Orbofi metaverse full map — Chapter 1

The Orbofi land is multi-chain, deployed on EVMs — Ethereum virtual machine — meaning that the Orbofi hexagonal globe will deployed on multiple chains simultaneously. This would be represented as having the same planet in parallel universes, each one with its own communities, identities, and stories.

Starting with Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche.

Sister Lands

Each owner of a piece of land in a given chain will have sister lands, that have the same land coordinates on the other chains on Orbofi. From the get-go, as a landowner, you have two sister planets where you are entitled to their social tokens and are eligible to receive part of their revenue.

This system design creates extremely vibrant social and financial dynamics between landowners.

TL,DR: learn more about the Land mechanics:

Why social tokens, and how does it work?

Create your Community Orb and your social token

“Social tokens will be greater than DeFi” Raoul Pal , is a strong statement, but one that is considerable. As tokenization is increasing, one of the most interesting and promising use cases of tokenization the social tokenization —

There have been some attempts at creating social token systems, but did send attain the expectations, as they lacked use cases and contexts, and they focused too much on individual tokenization rather than community tokenization.

Orbofi social tokens have two functions:

  • They act as access key pass to the community space and to the virtual world
  • They represent a stake in the community entitling every holder to stake in the revenue that the virtual world generates ( from community token sales, land sales, Merch sales, in-metaverse, and other sources of income that we will be developing)

2020 has been the year of finance tokenization ( DeFi), 2021 has been the year of NFTs ( tokenized art and virtual goods) 2022 and beyond, will be the era of social tokenization — community and virtual world tokenization rather than individual tokenization

The problems we’re solving.

  1. The lack of incentives in community networks and in the metaverse: on regular community platforms, we have not used earned a dime even though we all have been early members in some of the most prominent online communities, and followed people since early on, but no real incentive. On Orbofi, both creators and members are incentivized to create social hubs, content, and virtual experiences. Once a member is a token holder in a specific space ( owned by an individual or a community), the member is entitled to a stake of all the revenue that the space generates, forever, as long as he/she holds and stakes that social token.
  2. Web2 community networks are just too boring: People, communities, and brands need a more immersive experience, moving away from the infinite scrolling experience, and immersing themselves in virtual spaces that represent them and replace regular web2 pages.

Turning content creators into virtual worlds creators

one of our goals at Orbofi is to help regular content creators transform into full-blown virtual world creators, which will significantly increase the engagement as well as the conversion. Making content and media a lot more interactive and immersive.

What’s next

Making Orbofi the largest, most diverse, most rewarding, and most friendly place in the Metaverse




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The World’s first Social Metaverse crossed with Social Tokens, and a massively open, diverse, and rewarding Virtual world. Socialize-and-ean in the metaverse