Growing stronger through the macro storms - An overview of the first half of the 2022, and what’s coming next

We started building Orbofi precisely 1 year ago, July 2nd, 2022 — well, Happy anniversary Orbofi, and to the whole Orbofi community, comprising of metaverse enthusiasts from all over the world, partners from the blockchain and video game industries, 3D environment artists, game developers, brands/IPs, musicians, actors, artists, comedians, and to Orbofi core team and its angel investors and advisors.

Getting the backbone right

The first 4 months of Orbofi were very iterative as they focused mainly on building the backbone of the social and community tokenization model and the overall mechanism of merging a community token economy into a real-time metaverse and real-time virtual worlds, taking user-generated content and user-generated economies to their next natural level.

It was imperative to implement collectiveness logic into the social token smart-contracts as it is its primary purpose — to create a system where collective participation leads to collective incentives and collective ownership, all of that into a gamified, and real-time social metaverse.

The core purpose and mission of what we do is to connect the world in a real-time social metaverse using social gamification and the creation of new metaverse economies through community tokenization while providing new ways to earn. But in order For Orbofi to positively impact the social lives of millions, and potentially billions of people, the backbone system needs gamification itself.

Gamification in all of its shapes improves productivity, human engagement, human collaboration, and human interaction, and we believe that gamification can also improve society at a global level.

Life itself is the greatest of the gamifications

First half of 2022 in review — The importance of a clear product vision, and strong agility.

we started 2022 with a clear idea of what were the next steps: “Now that we have the backbone of the main infrastructure, social token management contracts, and the overall social metaverse model ready ( or almost), let’s build the foundation, the initial virtual worlds/use cases populating the metaverse layer, the inventory system, and its drag-and-drop builder tool, and let’s do that very fast. faster than all the rest, but let’s also do top-notch quality work while also traversing some of the strongest winds in global macro turmoil.

Alrighty, let’s do that,

and how do you do that? by removing the fluff, setting up clear processes, focusing on the core solutions you want to provide, safeguarding your attitude, and your will, and most importantly, reminding yourself every morning of your mission.

did we hit our highly optimistic targets? No, there were challenges, technical and operational, but we transcended ourselves and what was realistically expected, and we built one hell of a social metaverse product and ecosystem in such a short period of time.




  1. We created the first 6 virtual worlds comprising chapter 1 of Orbofi ( millions down the line created by millions of people)
  2. we built the drag-and-drop builder tool, and have created a custom modular inventory system for the social metaverse
  3. we have built the infrastructure of the multiplayer system, and the real-time video chat inside the metaverse.
  4. we built and integrated AR assets and AR functionalities.

Community and growth

We grew our community from around 1000 to 50,000 individuals across our channels, and have conducted many live testing sessions with the community

Partnerships with top brands and communities

we have partnered and currently are working with over 24 world-renowned brands and multiple NFT communities with whom we’re building outstanding branded metaverse use cases

1) The initial Public Orbs — Chapter 1

we built the initial 6 worlds — it’s like we wrote the first 6 pages of the long book, and for individuals, communities, brands, and game developers to write the rest of this book.

note: a public Orb is a virtual world with its own social token,and independent economy. each Orb has also its own story, set of NFTs, set of Characters, but all interoperable between them.

Each Orb is a place where you can meet strangers and friends from around the world in real-time,communicate and interact with them — play/create/shop/watch/compete/team up and earn together.

Next step: You build your own Orb, public or private

2) The drag-and-drop builder tool and the inventory system

we built the drag and drop builder tool from scratch that empowers people to place full-blown environments in one drop. It is a modular system compatible with any 3d model ( glb, fbx).

The builder tool is not only a tool that empowers you to build social hubs, or even a complete city just dragging and dropping it, but also to summon experiences directly from your inventory.

your inventory on Obrofi not only stores all of your scenes, cities, and collectibles but also experiences — your favorite DJ/musician, comedian, and any kind of entertainer performing, or einstein giving you and your friends some physics lesson, or maybe to drop Mardonna for a 1-on-1 soccer match, or even Bruce Lee to help you cross dangerous journeys. the possibilities of experiences we’re building are limitless, all stored in your Orbofi inventory.

your inventory on Orbofi holds your experiences.

3) Real-time video chat inside the metaverse

we focused mainly on real-time video chats, as it is the main medium of communication on Orbofi and the main way to earn while socializing in all public or private Orbs.

we believe that the only way for a metaverse to reach billions of people is to put real humans first, but inside a gamified universe powered by their own imagination and in real-time.

we will be solidifying our real-time communication infrastructure and its capabilities.

4) Partnerships

  • Brands and IPs: We have partnered and are currently working with 24 brands multiple world-renowned brands and famous individuals, that we will be introducing during the alpha version and the initial public Orbs, ranging from entertainment ( music and Hollywood), fashion, sports, and education. beyond the announcement, we will be offering these branded use cases in the alpha.
  • Blockchain partners: we have partnered with industry leaders in the Blockchain space to build metaverse use cases inside Orbofi, from Polygon, Coingecko, Blockchain Space, The Metaverse group, ChainLink,, Renovi, Genies, multiple guilds, and multiple Launchpads.
  • NFT communities: we have partnered with multiple NFT communities to bring their brands and communities to the metaverse inside Obrofi, such as ChainRunners, CyberKongz, Miladi, PixelSweepers, AvaxHomes.

5) Community growth

The community playing around with the Orbofi brand

we grew our community from about 1000 to about 50k people across all of our channels.

we have conducted multiple community testing sessions and have been improving the metaverse layer with the help of extremely engaged community members.

Next step: 500k people in the community across our channels, and 500k users.

What’s coming next?

our roadmap short and mid-term roadmap includes both product development, the marketplace, more partnerships ( a lot more), branded metaverse use cases( the best you’ve ever seen), sNFT drop, private fundraising, public token launch, and a lot of cool stuff.

High-level product roadmap:

Join us in our Journey! we’re just getting started.

Every day is day 1.



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